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Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Fluxx Card Game

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Zombie Fluxx Takes The Award-Winning Card Game Fluxx And Cranks Up The Fun With A Zombie Uprising! The Zombies Arrive In The Form Of A New Type Of Card, Called The Creeper, Which Hangs Around In Front Of You, Preventing You From Winning. The Good News Is, The Keepers Include A Shotgun And A Chainsaw And Various Other Things You Can Use As Weapons Against The Zombies. Plus You`Ve Got Sandwiches And Coffee And A Couple Of Friends To Help You Win. The Bad News Is, If Your Friends Become Zombies, You`Ll Have To Destroy Them!?

- 2007 Origins Awards Traditional Card Game of the Year Winner

- 2 to 6 players
- Ages 8+

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