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Cosmic Encounters

Cosmic Encounters - Cosmic Conflict Expansion

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The galaxy was stretched out before you, and the vastness of space was yours to conquer. But other races sought to fill the cosmos with their colonies, and they used their strange and dangerous powers to aid them. Nevertheless, you ventured into the cold wastes to do battle. Now, turmoil has spread, and a new group of aliens hope to take advantage of it. How will these rulers attempt to seize power? Which will become your allies, and which your mortal foes? Who will survive this cosmic conflict? Only time will tell...

- Cosmic Conflict is the second expansion for the FFG version of Cosmic Encounter. It includes 20 Aliens. It also includes components for a sixth player (seventh, if played with Cosmic Incursion) and the Hazard deck.

- Playing time 60 minutes
- Players: 3 - 7

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